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This game makes shit look good

If you hate Obama so much, don't bitch about it here. Also, back up your political opinions with FACTS, not right-wing extremist standard bullshit.


This is shit... what the hell is this supposed to be? All you do is drag and drop objects with clocks on them...

Simple, yet effective

I love games like this, they prove to the world that you don't have to have beautiful graphics to make a good game. It actually takes a quality idea to produce something.
Great game, only I liked the plain white background a lot better. This new one just makes the screen too busy, and doesn't signify anything about the game to me.

OK, not great

Judging by the quality, I assume this is one of your first submissions. Thats not an insult, in fact a compliment. For a first submission(s) this is rather good. However, this concept has been done over and over and over again. Add something unique! Take a concept thats been tried and make it your own. Also, add a preloader, its not very convinient if the game starts playing before I can read the controls ^_^.

LeTapir responds:

Thanks for the tips :). I tryed to add a NG preloader but well the file is 5kb big so it bugs and i don't know how to make a menu yet :/. I'm messing around flash right now to see if i can do something.

Good, but not great.

Well made, fun, but nothing special about it. I'd like to see power ups, and other things. There are WAY too many of these games out here, so to make yours stand out, there has to be something special about it, different block types and powerups for example. Also, you might want to try to clean up the white outline arond Obama's head :)

What the heck?

What the heck is up with the author making comments like "r4p3d" and "suck ma balls" on these reviews! The Tutorial is well made, but the man who made it is clearly mental.

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PARAGON-pvp responds:

aye boy, can ye lift a cow?

Devilishly Hard

A good challenge, I love it, it is very unique, as no game of my experience is anything like it. The citrus aspect adds a touch of... lunacy... to the game.

Hard to go wrong

Its hard to go wrong with the basic "Fish eat fish eat fish" concept. Not my favorite example, but still deserves props.

The perfect mix of simplicity, and fun

A good example of the fact that a game doesn't need great graphics, or be terrifically complicated to be fun, it just has to be well done. The awards and different modes provided greatly expand the replay value of this game.

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